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Aim of the Conference

The aim of the 18th Conference is the presentation of theoretical concepts and research results associated with the issues of entrepreneurship, in particular the development of economic activity in spatial systems of different scales (local, regional, national, European and global), the role of entrepreneurship in the functioning of the enterprises, local and state government units, formation the labour market, as well as the entrepreneurial human attitudes. The special stress will be put to spatial aspects of the development of the entrepreneurship, mainly in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and other emerging markets. The conference debates in 2021 will be aimed mainly to define the importance of entrepreneurship in the development of businesses, which is important issue in the conditions of the economic recession caused by the lockdowns in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic.

The conference will traditionally be combined with the 14th Convention of Entrepreneurship Teachers, which will be devoted to the exchange of knowledge and experience about the methods of teaching entrepreneurship and other economic subjects on all levels of education, confrontation of the views of employees of higher education institutions, methodological advisers and teachers on the objectives, content, methods and learning outcomes of entrepreneurship education. The meeting will be aimed towards answering the question to what extent scientific knowledge resources in entrepreneurship should be implemented at all stages of the education, from the primary school to the education on the academic level, with special taking into account entrepreneurship issues brought up in the geographical and economical education. Discussions during the 2021 convention will focus on issues of improving the methods and selection of the content of entrepreneurship education. We are also open to the presentation of teaching experience of educators, as well as the results of the implementation of entrepreneurship educational projects. Special workshops for teachers are also planned, if the epidemic situation allows to organize it.